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2021 October Engage Product Release

October's releases to include:

Note: Our release management approach for Engage is to use continuous delivery, for more details see Engage Release Management.

Engage and Serraview

Ability to give Cost Centers access to Book a Space

Released October16th

The Spaces module's Engage Booking Access will include the ability to give Cost Centers access to book space, such as a desk or meeting room.


Any person's with the cost center (or child cost centers) can book the space. Also, when a space is allocated to a neighborhood then any person within the teams' cost center (or child cost centers) can book a space.

In this example any person who has the Cost Center Human Resources (0050061) (or a child cost center) can book a space.


For more details, refer to Allow Employees in a Cost Center to Reserve Desks.

Engage Mobile and Web

Multilingual Support

Released October 1st

Engage supports the following languages:

  • English UK
  • English US
  • French Canadian

For more details, refer to Change Language (Mobile) and the Concierge Menu can be set up by your System Administrator to be in French Canadian, refer to set up the Concierge Menu for Multilingual.


The languages will be based on your device or browser's language setting. Also, the language must be enabled per instance, learn about Multilingual Support.



Book a Desk


Person Card's More icon now includes Neighborhood

Released October 1st

Displays the locations where the person is assigned to. So, if you have an assigned desk in one location and then made a desk booking in another location then all the locations will display and if you are assigned to a neighborhood then the neighborhood will display.


Other Fixes and Improvements

Released on October 1st

  • General usability improvements and bugs. 

Engage Mobile

Display the Image for a Person or Space as a Larger Image

Released on October 27th

You will be able to click on the image to display it as a larger image. 

image2021-10-26_9-36-52.png image2021-10-26_9-37-2.png

Employee can choose if they are Searchable or not

Released October16th

Your employees can choose if they are searchable or not.

For more details, refer to Opt-out of Engage's Search (Mobile).


Location Switcher Enhancement

Released October 16th

The Location Switcher now has the same look and feel as Engage Web.

For more details, refer to Switch Your Location (Mobile).


Engage Web

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released October 16th

  • General usability improvements, accessibility, and bugs. 

Enhanced Calendar Control

Released on October 1st

The Calendar control has been updated for improved time selection and it will display either 12 hours or 24 hours which is based on your browser's locale.



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