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Search for a First Responder (Kiosk)

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When an incident occurs in the office and your employees can search for your First Responders, such as a First Aid Officer or the Fire Warden.

Follow the Steps

Tap the People icon.


Then tap the First Responders clipboard_e7014467b482d792c0d1e2536ebeb07c1.png icon.


The First Responders filters display.


Tap the First Aid Officer filter icon to turn it on and then tap Show results.

The First Aid Officers display.


Remember if you want to see where the First Aid Officer sits on the floorplan, tap on their name.

Next, let's change the filter to see who the Fire Warden's are.

Tap the First Responders clipboard_e7014467b482d792c0d1e2536ebeb07c1.png icon.

Tap the First Aid Officer filter icon to turn the filter off.

Tap the Fire Warden filter icon to turn it on.


The Fire Wardens display.


Remember if you want to see where the Fire Warden sits on the floorplan, tap on their name.