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Future Booking Attendee Details Dashboard


Reception/Security Desk Personnel need to know whom to expect in the building or floor on a given day, especially when occupancy is strictly controlled. This dashboard defaults to show the current day’s bookings. Users can subscribe to a daily email of this table, filtered by their building/floor(s).

Capacity Planners and Risk Managers who need to monitor and control upcoming volume of occupants benefit from seeing a booking forecast for the coming weeks and details of specific bookings should they need to contact any individuals.

Special Filters

  • Date Range filter - Restricts the data table values to one or more days, defaulting to the current day’s bookings. Note that the time series chart shows a fixed date range, allowing viewers to see how many bookings have been made for future dates as of the point at which they load the dashboard.


  • Data is current as of the latest ETL run.

  • This dashboard shows only current day’s and future bookings.