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Eptura Knowledge Center

Admin Settings

Level: System Administrator

System Config

While there are a number of configurable elements within Serraview, the following areas cross over a number of modules, and can be customized to your business needs. Learn more in System Config.

Data Imports

In this area, you can import your data, floorplans, or upload file to Serraview support. Learn more in Data Imports.

Reference Data

In this area, your System Administrator can adjust the Organizational Unit Hierarchy, Space Types, or complete a Bulk Update. Learn more in Reference Data.


In this area, you will find the Wireup module and the API Documentation.


The purpose of wireup is to take data from building/floor level down to each individual desk/space by making a connection between the physical location of the desk and the switch port that services that desk.

For more information, refer to SVLive Wireup Overview.

API Documentation

The Serraview Core API can be used to access data related to your organization's property portfolio, which allows you to create your application or integration quickly and easily. 

For more information, refer to Serraview Core API.