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Reactive Move via Request from the Business

Depending on your Business the requests to move to the Corporate Estate Real team can come in via email, from a Service Requests, or from a third-party Service Request application.

If your business is using the Serraview Service Request then your Business can request a Large Move or a Small Move.


Strategic Move

Any Corporate Real Estate team will agree that performing a large move/relocation is a considerable task, but Serraview's easy-to-use relocation and asset management modules allow you to manage space requests, the lift and shift of people, and maintenance of assets owned by individuals or teams.

The Business may require the Corporate Real Estate team to make a strategic move, such as:

  • Move to a Flagship Building
  • Move to a New Floor
  • Consolidate Space and then vacate an Existing Space

Scenario Planner

Before a strategic move can be organized, the Corporate Real Estate team will use the Scenario Planner module to identify potential scenarios and the teams can be easily moved around, bulk updated, or right-sized. 


When a scenario has been given approval and then you need to move the individual people, then this is where the BOS module can be used. The BOS module lets the Corporate Real Estate team implement moves in a structured way and caters to situations where some people in the same team are moving to different locations. Additionally, the BOS module lets you email each individual person who is moving or everyone at the same time.

Manage Assets in a Move

For the assets that your business owns, such as Parking, Storage, and Lockers, the BOS module can populate the BOS Occupant's assets. For example, if the BOS Occupants have lockers then these will be populated in the BOS data and if you need to update the assets details from the Live Data this can be easily completed. For more details, refer to Update Locker Details and Refresh the BOS Move Plan Data from Live.

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