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Add, Edit, or Delete a Zone

Level: System Administrator

Your System Administrator can add or update zones, also if need a zone can be deleted.

Add a new Zone

  1. Navigate to Resources > Buildings & Floors.
  2. Click on the building.
  3. Click on the floor you want add a zone to.
  4. Click the + Add button. The Create Zone dialog displays.


Complete the following:


Field Description
Name field Enter the zone number.
Tag Ids list Select one or multiple tags. Hold the Ctrl key + click the different tags to select multiple tags. You can also, hold the Shift key and click the first tag and then click the last tag which will select all tags between those two points.
Comments field Enter comments about the zone.


  • When you have completed the floor details, click the Create Zone button.

Edit a Zone

You can edit a zone's details using the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Assets > Buildings & Floors.
  2. Click on the building.
  3. Click on the floor.
  4. Click on the zone you wan to edit.
  5. Click the Edit button. The Update Zone dialog displays.
  6. Edit the zone's details.
  7. Click the Update Floor button.

Delete a Zone

You can request for a zone to be deleted from Serraview.

It is important to carefully consider the implications of this action, so we advise you to read this article first Before you delete that Building, Floor, or Zone, read this article!