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Insights Dashboards


The Insights team provides you will a set of pre-built dashboards addressing a range of business needs, e.g., from assignments to detail reports to utilization dashboards.

Learning Paths


 Insights Dashboards Quick Start - Use this to learn about the Insight Dashboards features, such as filters, scheduling an alert, etc.


 Download Insights Dashboards - Use this to learn about how to download the whole dashboards or elements such as a chart/graph or a table. 


Access to the Serraview Insights module is managed using a secured action and if you only want the Serraview user to see a particular dashboard then you will need your System Administrator to give the Serraview user or their role the dashboard's secured action. For more information, see Security for Insights Dashboards.

Learn More


The Serraview Insights dashboards that have been released are found in the following folders.