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Insights Editor


Insights Editor will allow your super users to create and modify their own set of dashboards using our embedded Looker BI tool. 

Use this when ….

  • you want to modify existing Insights Dashboards or explore the data in any dashboard more fully.

  • you want to benefit from the data modeling performed by the Insights team and develop in the same environment they use to build Insights Dashboards.

Prerequisite Skills

  • Understand data analysis and how to define a question

  • Understand Looker Explores

  • Ability to select and configure data visualizations such as charts/graphs within the Looker UI.

  • Ability to set up floorplans (required for floorplan-based visualizations)

Behind the Scenes of the Dashboards

What you see in Serraview is the embedded dashboard. This is what the end users see and they can use the filters and interact with the dashboard tiles, refer to Insights Dashboards Quick Start.

In this example, we have navigated to the Booking & Reservations > End of Day Cleaning Task List.


When you log into the Insights Editor (via Looker) you will see the controls around the dashboards.  Here, we have navigated to a copied version of the End of Day Cleaning Task List in Looker.


Learning Path


 Insights Editor Quick Start - Use this to learn how to use the Insights Editor to get you started in dashboard creation and how to copy and edit existing dashboards. Then we show you how to publish and give your users access to the dashboards.