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Validate the floor’s switch details

It is strongly recommended that you follow these steps for every floor PRIOR to sending a group of auditors to perform the wire-up process. If your floor does not have the correct switch information you will not be able to wire it up and you will need to contact your IT department to get the correct information.

Complete the following:

  1. Start the MAC Address Watcher. For more details, refer to Automated or Manual MAC Address Retrieval.
  2. Plug your laptop into the LAN Port at the desk/space you are at.

From Serraview, complete the following:

  1. In the Wireup module, select the building and floor you are currently on.
  2. Hover over the Switch image2021-3-19_13-26-53.png icon to display the switch(es) for the floor.


If there are no associated switches then the following displays.


3. Check the MAC Address is the same as the Mac Address Watcher.

For example, the image below indicates where you will see the Mac Address in the Wireup module and in the MacAddress Watcher. If the MAC Address is not the same then in the Wireup module, click the MAC Address' Refresh image2021-3-23_10-35-15.png icon.


Remember to run the 338 Desk Switch Information Report to review your switch locations and details.