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Add People to a Public or Private BOS Move Plan


After the Migration Managers are assigned to the relevant rows in the BOS Move Plan, you can invite the Migration Managers and/or IT User to complete the BOS data. The email will notify them the BOS Move Plan is ready and it will automatically grant them access.

From the BOS Move Details screen, you can invite the people to the BOS Move Plan.

If you want you can add people to access the move plan.

  1. Click the + Add Person.


2. In the add a person field, enter the name of the person.

3. From the Permission drop-down, select either: Owner, Co-owner, Write, Read.

4. From the BOS role drop-down, select either: BOS IT User or BOS Migration Manager. Learn more about the roles, see Security in BOS.

5. Click the Grant Access button. The person is granted access and displays in the list.