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#4 - Allocation and Occupancy

Visual Block and Stack and your Allocation & Occupancy data

This is important as the team allocation and workplace settings will determine the permissions that Engage users will have to the spaces (such as desks, meeting rooms).

Serraview's Visual Block and Stack (VBS) is the source of truth for your allocation and occupancy data. Your Space Planner(s) need to ensure that your Visual Block and Stack is up-to-date as Engage will be using the allocation and occupancy data.

  • Allocation – The allocation is where each team sits on the floors within your portfolio. This could be for both fixed teams and flexible teams or for flexible teams in a neighborhood. This is known as the "Block and Stack" and it is primarily viewed through the VBS.

  • Occupancy – The occupancy is where each individual sits, either at an assigned workspace, a team, or a neighborhood.

We can either import this data or it can be maintained manually. Each organization is different, and you will have a different level of data available to you for loading into the Serraview product. The data loading starts with the allocation and occupancy data that is currently available and then built upon to create a full picture.

Initial Set up of Allocation & Occupancy Data


Below is a summary of the process.

If you have seating chart information, then:

  1. Customer to provide the information, for example in a spreadsheet.
  2. Serraview to bulk upload the information. For information on allocation and occupancy data for the different work styles, refer to Allocation and Occupancy Data this covers Fixed Teams, Flexible Teams, and Neighborhoods.

If you do not have the seating chart information, then:

  1. Customer to use the VBS to create the teams and allocate seats to employees and/or team. Refer to Recommended Practice for VBS Allocation and Recommended Practice for VBS Occupancy.

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