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Cancel a desk reservations as an Admin

System Administrator

If needed, you can cancel a desk reservation or team reservation and this can be useful when:

  • an employee is absent or on leave.
  • the reservation status of a desk has changed and is no longer reservable.
  • the desk requires maintenance.
  • the team no longer requires the desk reservation.

Remember the spaces can viewed from the Spaces module or the Block and Stack (VBS) module. 

Complete the following.

  1. Navigate to the Block and Stack (VBS).
  2. Use the Building Selector to open the building.
  3. Click the Edit VBS button.
  4. Navigate to the desk.
  5. Double click the desk. The Update Space form displays.
  6. Click the Bookings tab.
  7. Click the toggle toggle_icon.png icon.
  8. Click the Cancel icon. The booking is deleted.
  9. Click the Update Space button.