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Eptura Knowledge Center

System Troubleshooting

Level: System Administrator
The following troubleshooting articles will help you diagnose and solve problems.



You want to view the system messages or import results.

This displays the recent system messages that relate to batch imports, preprocessing, and failures. Also, this displays the recent imported files and if your business is set up for the SFTP file transfer, then these import results will display in this list too. For more information, refer to View Recent Messages.

Also, you can run the 341 Recent Messages Report.

From the Google Chrome browser, when you download a PDF document the browser does not load the PDF in a new tab instead the PDF downloads.

This is a known issue in Google Chrome, refer to Google Chrome's Help article called PDFs don't open automatically in Chrome.

Your session could not be established message displays.

Complete the following checks:

  • Are you using the correct instance URL?
  • Is your internet connection active?
  • Can you access other websites?
  • Ask a colleague if they can access Serraview?
    Contact your IT team as they may be experiencing internet/network issues.

Server Connection error message displays.


Internal network dropout on the Client's production environment or the internal network is unable to load the request made by the user due to a network disconnection.

The error message displays:

Server Connection Error A connection error occurred. Details: Channel.Connect.Failed error Netconnection.Call.FAiled: HTTP: Failed: url: 'https://[client_instance]' Service: InvokeRemoteReqest


Generally, the network connection error is short-lived, and you will be able to continue after a short period of time. However, if the error continues then Serraview support will complete the following checks:

Check for the network connection:

  • If there is no network connection on Wi-Fi or wired, then ask the user to check with their Client IT for any internal disruptions.

If there is a Client IT disruption then check if the network connection is still not connecting:

  1. Wait a minute or two minutes.
  2. Click the OK button to close the error message.
  3. Refresh the browser.
  4. Resume using Serraview to verify it is functioning as normal.
  5. If the network connection is not working the error message will display again.

To gather more information, the Serraview Support team will ask you the following questions:

  • Can you describe the steps you took prior to the error message displaying?
  • What happens when you click the OK button?
  • What browser and version are you using?
  • Are you using wired or Wi-Fi to connect to the network?