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Share partial Workplace Administrator access

As a Workplace Administrator or Hood Administrator, you can grant partial access to another person . The access can be to specific buildings, floors, or teams within your current access level.

  1. Click the Workplace icon.
  2. Hover over the Cog worddav55ccabd81d104da6a6675bce4aac8027.png icon.


3. Click the Share my access. The Share My Access dialog displays.

4. In the Share My Access field, enter in the name of the person.

5. A drop-down list displays, select the person.

6. Check the Email Invitees about Updated Access check box if you want to notify the recipient of their new access levels via email.


7. Click the Advanced link. The buildings, floors and teams you have access to displays.

8. Use the + icons next to the buildings and floors to drill down.

9. Check the building, floor or team check box(es).


10. Click the Share Access button.

When a Workplace Administrator shares their access with a colleague with no current access to Serraview, they will be issued the default role of Workplace Validator. This role does not include any of the Share and Manage Access secured actions.