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Manage Orphan Org Units in the VBS

Level: System Administrator

This is an alternative way to resolve orphan cost centers, applicable to situations where you are only concerned with workpoints (not people).

This approach is typically preferred by System Administrators who spend most of their time working in VBS. If you are in the VBS you can quickly paint multiple orphans to the new Org Unit, and the required Org Unit may already be on the same floor.

Step 1. Find the Orphan Org Units

  1. Find workpoints associated with an Orphan Org Unit.
  2. Run the 344 VBS Exceptions Report and have a look at the Unknown & Orphaned Teams tab which contains the teams that are 'Unknown' or 'Orphaned Cost Centre', they do not link back to a valid parent Org Unit.
  3. Click Launch Report. All workpoints allocated to an Orphan display.
  4. In the VBS, locate the workpoints.

Step 2. Reblock the workpoints

You can reblock the workpoints by either:

Correct the Orphan Org Unit on the block and stack

  1. On the stack, double-click the Orphan Org Unit. The Team dialog displays.
  2. Click the Org Unit drop-down, select another Org Unit.
  3. Click the OK button and then the Save icon.

- OR -

Clear the Orphan Org Unit from the block and stack

  1. On the stack, select the Orphan Org Unit on the stack.
  2. Press the delete key.
  3. Click the Save icon.

All the occupants of workpoints become squatters as they remain on the workpoint.