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Review the default Space Type Hierarchy

Level: Client IT / System Administrator / Serraview Implementation Team

The space type hierarchy is the definitive structure of all spaces types and their settings. 


If you are uploading floorplans into Serraview, we recommended that you are familiar with the default space type hierarchy before loading floorplans. 


Complete the following to review the Space Type Hierarchy:

Step 1. Review the default Space Type Hierarchy

We recommend that you review and be familiar with the default space hierarchy.

The following Serraview space types reports can be used to review the space hierarchy:

Step 2. Run the 308 Space Types report

You can review the space hierarchy, by completing the following.

  1. Run the 308 Space Types report. This report will show the default space types, their position in the hierarchy, allocation options, and charge rule.
  2. From Microsoft Excel, open the report

The report contains the following tabs:

  • Default tab - This shows the current default configuration for each space type.
  • Make Changes tab - You can modify this tab to add, delete or change rows according to your organization's setting requirements.

You can use the data in this report to set up the Space Type Hierarchy Import.

Step 3. Update the Space Type Settings

The System Administrator can either: