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System Architecture and Data Flow

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Serraview system is a single-tenanted SaaS Service hosted by Serraview at regional AWS Facilities in Australia, Canada, Europe, Singapore or the US based on our customer's needs.

Enterprise Reference Data (Personnel, Org Structure, and Floorplans at minimum) is uploaded into the service over an encrypted SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) or HTTPS connection.

Within the Serraview system all data is encrypted at rest on AWS S3 data stores (AES-256 encryption).

Users typically leverage the browser to access Serraview system over an encrypted HTTPS connection. They can also, access the Wayfinding applications such as Locator via the browser or a Touchscreen Kiosk or the iOS/Android Serraview App. The Wayfinding applications can be optionally connected to Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.

You may choose to use the Serraview APIs (application programming interface) to extract data into your own Business Intelligence (BI) tool or Third-Party Applications. All such API connections are made over an encrypted HTTPS connection.

Utilization Data maybe posted to the Utilization API over an encrypted HTTPS connection.

System Requirements

Minimum and recommended system requirements are available at Operating Environment.


Serraview system supports a role-based security model. Users can be setup in Serraview system and authenticate via a username and password; or you can choose to allow/force users to use SAML2 based Single-Sign-On (SSO).