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Reserve a Space


Use Engage to quickly reserve a space such as a meeting room. 

Watch the Engage Mobile video

Audio: No Sound Direct link:

Download the video: reserve_a_space_2021 June 04.mp4

Follow the Steps

Tap on Maps to begin.

The menu items in the Concierge menu are configurable so the menu item could be called Find & Book or another name that suits your business, see Set up the Concierge Menu for 3 or more menu items.

Tap the Now icon.



Select the date and time.

Tap the Select button.


On the floorplan tap on the Space you want to reserve.


Tap the booking during, either 15min, 30min, 1hr, or other (this will let you set the hours and minutes).

Slide the Slide to Reserve button to reserve the meeting room.


The meeting room is booked and the meeting room will send you an email with the meeting room appointment.

If you want your employees, to be able to book a meeting room from Engage then this can be configured.

Engage can integrate bi-directionally with your organization's Corporate Calendar (as long as it's Exchange/Outlook, Office365, or Google Calendar). For more details, refer to Engage Calendar Integration and if you have questions, then see Engage Calendar Integration FAQ.

If you don't want to use a Calendar Integration, Engage can be still used to make space reservations, refer to Set up Space Reservations without Calendar Integration.