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MLS Installation Overview

Serraview Managed Location Service (MLS) performs many tasks to consolidate the data collected into utilization data. These tasks include:
  • Receiving user presence information
  • Periodically querying network switches to determine which computers are plugged in where
  • Sending any changes in location / user presence information to Serraview.

MLS is a Windows application that comes packaged as an MSI file and has a web-based administration interface.


MLS Requirements

Remote Access Requirements

The Serraview Implementation team manages the installation, configuration, and maintenance of Serraview Managed Location Service (MLS) and its dependencies. As such, we require remote access to the MLS server.

Hardware and Software Requirements

For these requirements, see SVLive1 Components.

Firewall Requirements

MLS will need to communicate externally with Serraview's servers via the following URLs:

  • Serraview Core services
  • https://[client_name]

  • https://[client_name]

Or more simply: https://*


It is strongly recommended that access to the above URLs is granted by whitelisting DNS entries and not by IP address, as we may change the IP address of the remote server at any time.

Network Security Requirements

MLS will require SNMP access to the network switches via an SNMP public community string. If your network devices have iACL in place to restrict communication to certain IP addresses, then the IP addresses of the server the MLS is installed on will need to be included in the access control list.