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Why is a space displaying as available but is in use?

When using Locator with SVLive
  • People often take over a meeting room without making a calendar booking. Unless your business has implemented sensors or an alternate utilization source, the room will display as available despite it being in use.
  • If the meeting room has been wired up but does not have sensors, people may be using the meeting room without using the laptop/desktop computer. In this case, the space will not display as available despite the room being in use.
  • If sensors are in use, there may be a very short delay between the sensor being triggered and the space changing in Locator.

When using Locator with Manual Occupancy

If you only have manual occupancy data and are using Locator in conjunction with a calendar management system such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar, the Find a Space tool reads directly off the calendar system only. So, if people take over a meeting room without making a booking, the room will be displayed as available in Locator.