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Use the BOS Search and Filter in the BOS Move Data

The BOS Move Data screen contains a search and filter.

This allows you to search for rows using a person's name, a workpoint, team name, or employee number.


The Migration Manager filter and advanced filters can make the large BOS data easier to work with.

  1. Open a BOS Move Project.
  2. In the Search field, enter search criteria to search for data within your BOS grid
  3. Click the Filter clipboard_e5551ba896851c96561dfc93defeb2982.png icon. The filter panel displays.


4. Apply one or more of the following filters:

Filter Description
Move Type drop-down Enter a Move Type to sort the grid by move types, either Occupant, Device Desk, Contractor, or Vacant. You can select one or more move types.
Select a Team field Enter the name of the team.
From Floors drop-down Select the from location to display the BOS grid rows that are moving from a specific floor.
Last Updated field Enter the name of the person who last updated the BOS grid row. You can search for one or more people.
To Floors drop-down Select the To Location to display BOS gird rows that are moving to a specific floor.
Show Published Moves check box Check the Show Published Moves check box to display implemented move rows.
Last Email Attempt Failed Check the Last Email Attempt Failed check box to display the BOS Occupants with a failed email attempt.
No Emails Sent Check the No Emails Sent check box to display the BOS Occupants that have not had an email sent.

5. To view the results, click the X icon to close the filter panel.

Clear the Search or Filters

If the grid has a filter applied the Filter icon displays as a light-blue icon clipboard_e35896291a90257ff718bd86400512a36.png.

Clear All Filters

  • From the Filters area, click the Clear Filters button.

Clear the Search or a Filter

  • Click the x icon.