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Version 2.66 - July 2019 Release Notes

Major Enhancements and Fixes

BOS Import

You can now use a BOS Import to create new rows in the BOS Grid. You can add each team member in the BOS Import as an individual row and this will create a new row in the BOS Grid. For more information. 

New Campus Chargeback

When you use the Campus Chargeback you can chargeback to a common campus area across all of the teams in the region. A campus relates to a building's immediate parent region only and a campus in Serraview would be a group of buildings under their immediate parent.

In this example, the Building 2 has the Campus charge rule set for a space and this will make the parent region for the campus, Georgia.

Parent Region



No Parent (this is the top region)

All Buildings

All Buildings

North America

North America

United States

United States


United States


United States




Building 1
Building 2 (Charge rule set)
Building 3

Illinois Chicago

Building 4

California San Francisco


Building 5
Building 6

The new charge rules are called Campus Common All and Campus Common Internal. Also, the 325 Chargeback Report has been updated to include the Campus Chargeback.

Minor Enhancements and Fixes

Space Optimization

Enhancement – The following enhancement was made to the Demand Forecasting user interface:

  • In the Demand Grid the Workpoints column has been renamed to Headcount, refer to Demand Grid.


  • In the Demand form's Overview tab, the Workpoints field has been renamed to Headcount and the Target Ratio field has been added, refer to Add a Demand planned adjustment and Edit a Demand planned adjustment.


  • In Forecasting the expected workpoints will now calculate on-the-fly.

Enhancement – The Workpoint Import contains the new Workplace notes column, which if left blank, can be used to bulk clear the workplace notes, refer to Workpoint Import and Workplace and Requirements for Workpoint Data.

Fix – The Workpoint Import has been corrected so if a workpoint is being imported has the same name as the zone then the import will match to the workpoint not the zone. Also, this import has been corrected so when it is used to convert spaces from one type to another it will not result in an error. This was due to data integrity.

Fix – The Floorplan Importer has been corrected to retain the neighborhood allocation. When there are spaces allocated to a neighborhood and those spaces are deleted from the CAD file after importing the floorplan, the neighborhood allocation will still exist for the deleted spaces.

Fix – The Floorplan Importer has been corrected so if a CAD file is imported with duplicate names in containers then an error displays "Unable to match spaces. There are <number_of_spaces> spaces named <space_name> in the CAD file that match a space in Serraview."

Fix – After a Region Import has been completed the Configuration > Recent Imports will now display Region Import in the Type column.

Fix – The Person Search has been corrected so you can search for people with short names.

Fix – In Workplace the Team Panel's Add a Desk option will add a person to another desk and the team allocation will not change.

Fix – Teams in neighborhoods (hoods) now have correct usable and rentable area.

Fix – Uploads to the Document Library and the Floorplan Importer have been corrected and will now work with the latest Google Chrome browser update.


Enhancement – The following enhancement was made to the BOS Import:

  • The EmployeeNo column can now be empty. Both EmployeeNo and From Location values are optional but at least one of the values is required.

Fix – The BOS Import now updates the Last Update column in the BOS Grid.

Fix – The BOS Move Project now populates the Migration Manager column in the BOS Grid when you add a person with a No Validation Location.

Fix – When you migrate an Orphan Org Unit that is being used in a Scenario Move Project this will now update Orphan Org Unit to the migrated Org Unit in the Scenario Move Project.


Enhancement – A secured action has been created for the Service Account to gain access to the Serraview API, the secured action is called API - Access and the role is called Service Account. Either assign the role to a user or assign the secured action to a custom role. For more information, refer to Access Serraview APIs and Register a Serraview Service Account.

Enhancement – For users who have not logged into Service for a long time, you now have the ability to auto lock or archive users. For more information refer to, Configure the auto lock and the auto archive.

Dashboards & Reporting

Enhancement – The following enhancements were made to 141 Workpoint Properties Report:

  • Added a Workplace Notes column.
  • Updated the instructions to include the new Chargeback terminology.

Enhancement – The following enhancements were made to 338 Desk Switch Information Report:

  • Formatted label titles as Headers.
  • Formatted the Floor column and Workpoint columns to be text to prevent leading or trailing zeros.
  • Added a Region column.
  • Ordered by Region, Building, Floor Sequence, and Space/Switch.

Enhancement – The following enhancements were made to 339 SVLive Utilization Source Container Mapping Report:

  • Renamed report from SVLive Utilization Source Container Mapping to SVLive Utilization Source Mapping.
  • Changed description to: This report shows which utilization source has been mapped to which location.
  • Formatted label titles as Headers.
  • Formatted Floor column to be text to prevent leading or trailing zeros.
  • Changed sort from Floor.Name to Floor.Sequence
  • Added a Region column.
  • Added a Location Selector to filter the report.
  • Improved the performance of the report.

Enhancement – The following enhancements were made to 154 Team Ratio Report:

  • Renamed report from Flexi Team Ratio Report to Team Ratio Report
  • Changed description to: This report shows a list of all teams and what their target and actual occupancy ratios are.
  • Now includes teams that are fixed and flexi.

Enhancement – The following enhancements were made to 55 People Report:

  • In the column group Person Details the following columns have been added: Logon Name column; Mobile column.
  • Added column group called Employments Details which includes the following columns: Job Title; Employment Type; Employee Status; Manager; Roles; Tags.
  • Hid all Serraview employees, for example any emails with

Enhancement – The following fixes was made to 311 SVLive Data Report:
The report can be filtered by:

  • Start Date and End Date
  • Start Hour and End Hour
  • Machine Name and Username
  • Utilization Provider

Added the following columns:

  • Utilization Provider
  • Machine name
  • Username

Enhancement – Added a new report called 340 Datapoint Import Template Report. This report can be used to create a datapoint import, it contains the following columns: Building; Floor; Container; Datapoint Name; Switch Name; Interface Name; IP Address.

Enhancement – Added a new report called 341 Recent Messages Report. This report displays data from the Configuration's Recent Messages grid.

Enhancement – Added a new report called 342 Scenario Workpoint and Team Occupancy Report.

Enhancement – Added a new report called 343 People and Desks without LDM Data Report.

Enhancement – Added a new report called 344 VBS Exceptions Report.

Fix – 2 Floors Report and 61 Buildings and Floors Report changed the NLA column to Leased Area column.

Fix – 336 Utilization - Building and Floor Summary Report is now hidden in the Report tab and is only shown in the Reporting Dashboard as an interactive report.

Fix – When the 290 Occupancy Status Report is exported to a PDF it will now display the floorplan.

Fix – Report parameters in the HTTP request are now case insensitive.

Speedgates / Badge Swipe

Enhancement – The Speedgate terminology was changed to Badge Swipe throughout the product and seeded reports.

Any custom reports (those with an ID at or above 1000) have not been changed.

  • In the Configuration > Setup > Utilization, the following settings have been updated (refer to Configure Utilization for VBS - Information Panel):
    • Building Default Utilization Provider drop-down
    • Enable Speedgate Data check box
    • Speedgate Default End Time spin box
  • The following reports have been updated:
    • 221 Portfolio Utilization Report to 221 Badge Swipe Portfolio Utilization Report
    • 223 Speedgate Building Utilization Report to 223 Badge Swipe Building Utilization Report
    • 224 Speedgate Team Utilization Report to 224 Badge Swipe Team Utilization Report
    • 226 Speedgate Daily Entry Count Report to 226 Badge Swipe Daily Entry Count Report
    • 231 Speedgate Card Audit Report to 231 Badge Swipe Card Audit Report
    • 287 Speedgate Person CardNo Audit Report to 287 Badge Swipe Person CardNo Audit Report
    • 292 Speedgate Utilization Dashboard to 292 Badge Swipe Utilization Dashboard

Smart Environments


Enhancement – MLS General Performance - This allows the MLS to process larger amounts of utilization data as Clients introduce additional devices.

Enhancement – HTTP Queue/Timeout Configuration - Added the ability to configure the HTTP listener timeouts and queue lengths. This provides MLS a greater buffer, if required, which helps to avoid the Windows Server from rejecting inbound traffic due to an exhausted queue. Also, this can improve MLS performance at peak times.

Fix – Skipped VLAN Switch Scans - The VLAN switch scans were corrected so that VLANs with no active users will not be flagged as "inactive" during full switch scans. Therefore, they will not be skipped on subsequent quick switch scans.

Fix – MLS Logging - The MLS file logging was corrected to record the username of the individual who makes any MLS Admin changes to the configuration.

Fix – Archive of switches now does not archive the utilization data sources.

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