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Create a Work Order for Accruent 360Facility

If you use 360Facility you can create a new facilities work order within a Serraview Service Request.
  1. Navigate to Service Requests.
  2. Create a Service Request or edit  an existing Service Request. The Service Request displays.


3. From the Related To area, click the Create image2020-6-24_14-11-2.png icon. The Create Facilities Work Order dialog displays.


4. From the Building drop-down, select the building.

The Building for the property is used to match between Serraview and 360Facility. If there is a mis-match you will be informed that property does not exist in 360Facility.

5. From the Request Type drop-down, select the type of request.

If there are extra request types that are not required then this is configured in 360Facility to not to display them.

6. From the Request Sub-Type drop-down, select the type of sub-request.

7. From the Space drop-down, select the space.

8. In the Description field, enter the short description.

9. In the Requestor First Name, enter the first name of the requestor.

10. In the Requestor Last Name, enter the last name of the requestor.

11. In the Requestor Phone Number, enter the phone number of the requestor.

12. In the Requestor Email field, enter the email address of the requestor.

13. Click the Create Work Order button.

The work order is saved.


This article contains an example and you may find the work order behaves differently and this will depend on the configuration, refer Serraview Configuration for 360Facility.