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2021 June Product Release Overview

The following was released for Serraview:

Space Module's reduced Polyline Size

Released June 26th

When you are mapping spaces on the floorplan, the polyline size has been reduced so that you can have more accurate mapping. This is important when you are using Net Lettable Area (NLA) and need accurate mapped spaces. For more details on area, refer to Area Calculations.


Space Type form's new checkbox called Include in VBS Space Type

Released June 26th

In the Space Type Hierarchy module's Space Type form there will be a new checkbox called Include in VBS Space Type.


When this is checked then this will display the space type in the VBS Information Panel's Spaces tab.  


For more details, refer to Add, Edit, or Delete the Space Types

VBS navigate small Teams on the Stack

Released June 26th

When navigating the stack the small teams can be hard to select with the cursor, now you will be able to navigate the teams on the stack using the arrow keys.


For more details, refer to Block and Stack.

Workplace Administration Synchronization for Access Profiles

Released June 26th

This lets you synchronize the changes you made to your Access Profiles instead of waiting overnight for the changes to be synchronized.


For more details, see Assign an Access Profile to a Workplace ManagerReplace a Workplace Manager, or Remove Workplace Manager(s).

Service Requests can be linked to a BOS Move Plan

Released June 12th

You can link a BOS Move Plan to the service request. Note that the BOS Move Plan must be created before you can link it. For details on how to create a BOS Move Plan refer to BOS.


For more details, refer to Update Authorization Number, Project, or Work Order.

Spaces Module will let you change to a different Space Type

Released June 12th

If a space type is changed to a different space type that has a different workspace parent, then Serraview will automatically update the underlying workspace. For example, when you change a meeting room to be an office.


For more details, refer to Update Space Details via the Spaces Module.