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Space Activity (Sensor) Dashboard


For Space Planners who use sensors to obtain objective assessments of a meeting room, huddle space, and desk use vs availability, this dashboard clearly shows the hour-by-hour status of spaces' minutes of detected activity.

This dashboard enables close inspection of space use patterns and can serve as a drill destination for higher-level summaries.

Special Data Elements

  • Minutes - the total number of minutes within a given hour during which the sensor had an active/occupied status.

Special Filters

  • Building Name filter - required.
  • Floor filter -  required.

  • Date Granularity filter - Controls the granularity level for analysis. Hour, Day, and Week are recommended


  • Relies on source data from space sensors, for example as provided through the Serraview Sensor Gateway. Additional dashboards similarly present occupancy values based on Engage reservations and SVLive.


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