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SVLive People Details Dashboard


This dashboard provides a person-focused summary of SVLive activity. It provides a by-day look at where employees have been and how long they were detected there. The details tile breaks that summarized detail down further so you can see exactly when and where these employees were detected.

Special Data Elements

  • Total Hours = The total time a person was detected on that day, regardless of Active or Inactive. Different Combined types aggregate differently. For example, Combined (Floor) tracks how long a person spent on each floor and sums, while Combined(Building) simply counts how long they spent within each building and sums.

Special Filters

  • Provider filter - Allows selection of different SVLive sources (such as combined, wired only, or Wi-Fi only). It is strongly recommended to only select 1 at a time, as the combined types already remove overlap at their stated levels.
  • Org Unit Type filter - Allows selection of the type of org unit to filter and display. Note that the Location Org Unit option may produce multiple different results in the top tile, and they will display as a list.


Currently, only one type of Org Unit can be displayed.