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Portfolio Data - Import

Import Data into Serraview

Serraview portfolio data is maintained via flat files being imported and it does not support the use of an API to update the data


This gives Serraview several benefits as detailed below.

Prepare Data

Where you have whole databases of information, like an ERP system where your company maintains its HR data, this data can be extracted for the initial portfolio data load into the Serraview product by the Serraview Implementation team. The portfolio data can be selectively extracted from the ERP system (or manually created) into flat files. This selection allows you to have control over which fields to extract. 

For information on the data requirements refer to the following articles:

Best Pratice

The maintenance of data within Serraview is the responsibility of the Corporate Real Estate Team, and there are several imports that can be used to assist in automating this process.

For more information, refer to Maintain Portfolio Data.

Import Data

A System Administrator can easily see when data was sent, as the file is a persistent record of format and content.

Upload File(s)

You can compress and send hundreds of thousands of rows of data with one operation. This data does not need to be real-time, in many cases a nightly update is enough.
The data can be encrypted and transmitted with your preferred file transport system. The following methods of data transfer can be used:

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Serraview's My Imports
  • Serraview's File Upload

For more information, refer to Methods of Data Transfer. Consequently, there are no firewall concerns on either end.

Serraview Databases

The Serraview Implementation team has already completed the interpretation and correlation of the data. We know how to tie the data sets together.

If you were to use APIs to update the data you would need to re-do all the interpretation and correlation of the data, before sending the data to us. Also, when you change or update an ERP or other system it is easier and cost effective to change the script that outputs or inputs the data rather than orchestrating both sides to manage changes to APIs.