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Allocation Panel

The example below displays the data for floor 27 of 94 Arlowene Street, VIC, Australia and the Utilization Panel's Peak tab was selected.






The total workpoints in the portfolio or the filtered selection.

Target Ratio

The Target Ratio is the desired number of people in a team/floor/zone/hood or building compared to the number of workpoints . For example a ratio of 1.2 would mean 12 people to 10 desks.
If there are different target ratios in the VBS, then the target ratio is the Derived Target Ratio. This is calculated as (capacity divided by total workpoints).


The total capacity for the portfolio or filtered selection.





The total people in the portfolio or filtered selection.

Occupancy Ratio

Total people divided by total workpoints.


The total opportunity in the portfolio or filtered selection.


The cost per workpoint field (in the top right corner) defaults to $10,000 and you can change the cost per workpoint. If you enter the cost per workpoint as $0 then no statistic will display.

  • In the cost per workpoint field, enter the amount. The Portfolio Dashboard will automatically update.



Total Cost

  • If region is selected and all child buildings have a Cost field (database field Rechargeable Cost) aggregate that and calculate the Workpoint Cost.
  • If building is selected then use Building Cost and calculate the Workpoint Cost.
  • If Workpoint Cost is entered the use the Calculate Total Cost. This is calculated as (Total Workpoints multiple by Workpoint Cost).
  • If the building cost is empty and workpoint cost is empty, then display $-

Opportunity Cost / Free Desk Cost

Opportunity Cost

If there is utilization data then display the cost per person (calculated by total cost divided by capacity) multiplied by opportunity.

Free Desk Cost

The cost of free desks. Calculated by the cost per workpoints multiple by free desks.