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2021 April Product Release Overview

The following will be released for Serraview:

Wireup Module

Released to Production on the 3rd April

This new module will replace the existing Wireup Tool Adobe Air package.

The purpose of wireup is to take data from building/floor level down to each individual desk/space by making a connection between the physical location of the desk and the switch port that services that desk. After we have completed wireup we will be able to detect activity when a person plugs into the network port and logs into their machine.

This means we can:

Wiring up via the data point

Workpoints can be physically wiredup on the floor (by an Auditor) by plugging an ethernet cable into the network port at a workpoint or using a docking station and using the Wireup module to map that port to the specific desk on the Serraview floorplan.


Example of the Serraview floorplan in the Wireup module.


As we are very excited about this module, the documentation has been released early.


From April 2021 there is a new version of the MACAddressWatcher executable file. You will need to download this version from the Document Library.

For more details on the MACAddressWatcher, refer to Automated or Manual MAC Address Retrieval

Renumbering tool in the Spaces Module

Released to Production on the 19th April

You will be able to use the renumbering tool to renumber individual spaces.


For more details, refer to Renumbering Spaces.

Service Request "Mine" Filter

Released to Production on the 3rd April

Previously the 'Mine' filter displayed Service Requests that you created. This has now been split into 'My Created' and 'My Assigned'.


For more details, refer to Manage Service Request Queue.

Change the team's working style from a Fixed team to Flexible team

Released to Production on the 19th April

When you convert a team from a Fixed team to Flexi team you will now get the options:

  • Auto - convert all of the team's desks to Flexible. This will remove people from their assigned desk and list them as flexible occupants against the team.
  • Manual - only convert unassigned desks to Flexible. Existing desks assigned to people will remain Fixed.


For more details, refer to Change Working Style - From Fixed Team to Flexi Team.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released to Production on the 19th April

  • Space Module - Clearer error messaging when attempting an invalid save.

Released to Production on the 3rd April

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