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Eptura Knowledge Center

Serraview Cloud Hosting

Hosting Provider – AWS

Serraview is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in providing highly available, secure, and scalable cloud services.

Hosting Facilities and Regional Data Processing

We allow customers to nominate the Hosting Region that the Serraview system is hosted from and we support the following regions.

Hosting Region AWS Region
Australia Asia Pacific (Sydney) / ap-southeast-2
Canada Canada (Central) / ca-central-1
Europe EU (Frankfurt) / eu-central-1
Singapore Asia Pacific (Singapore) / ap-southeast-1
United States US East (N. Virginia) / us-east-1


Hosting Architecture – Secure, Scalable, Robust

Amazon Route 53: Serraview leverages AWS Route 53 service for DNS. Route 53 allows Serraview to automate domain name services and is fully integrated into all other AWS services.

Cloudfront CDN: Serraview serves static assets via the AWS Cloudfront Content Delivery Network (CDN). This helps provide fast page load times for Serraview services globally.

Elastic Load Balancing: The AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) provides seamless and automatically scaling services. If, and when, an application server instance fails, the load balancer takes it out of the pool of servers, and Elastic Beanstalk replaces it with a new server automatically.

Automatic Replication across Availability Zones: Serraview has application servers and database servers configured to automatically replicate across multiple Availability Zones within the given AWS Region. This means that if one whole datacenter (Availability Zone in AWS lingo) has a catastrophic failure and goes offline, Serraview applications automatically fail-over to another Availability Zone and continue to run seamlessly with little to no downtime.

S3: The AWS Simple Storage Service, or S3 is the file-storage service that provides industry-leading scalability, high availability, security, encryption, and performance with 99.999999999% data durability. S3 is used to store client floorplans and any file/object-based data.

Firewall and Web Application Firewall: We use best-of-breed technologies to protect the environment.

Software-Defined Network: Serraview uses CloudFormation / Terraform to automate the creation, configuration, and management of standardized, pre-hardened, secure networks. The scripts that define the network and security are version controlled and stored in source control.