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Upgrade from SVLive1 to SVLive2

SVLive2 is the first major upgrade to SVLive in ten years. It represents over 24 months of dedicated engineering enhancements, leveraging modern IoT technology to deliver a service that is faster, stronger, and more capable. 

Based on typical large-scale deployments with over 30,000 end-user devices.

The speed of location updates is limited by the scale of your deployment (in terms of the number of devices and network switches) and the performance of your network switches (performance varies across different makes, models, and operating systems).

Smaller customers and those leveraging the MQTT protocol will likely see even faster results.


  • Up to 10x faster than SVLive1
  • Wi-Fi location updates in under 60 seconds
  • Wired location updates in under 3 minutes


  • Scales to 100k+ devices and up to 2k switches 
  • Less on-prem software to maintain... MLS is only required for Wire-up.  
  • Improved service monitoring, remote support, and performance tuning…  without SpaceIQ having remote-in to on-prem servers 
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

More Capable

  • SVLive2 now provides live data into Serraview’s Engage employee experience application, learn more in Engage with SVLive2.

SVLive2 High-level Explanation

This diagram gives a high-level explanation of how SVLive2 works.