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Send Conditional Alert Notifications


Some dashboards will allow you to configure alerts. An alert is an email that is automatically sent to you or someone else whenever a certain condition is met, for example if the number of headcounts assigned to a building exceeds a certain threshold. 

To send an Alert:

  1. Hover over an element on the dashboard. Such as a metric, an area of a world-map, or a segment of a chart. If that element supports alerts then you will see a small menu pop-up. 
  2. Click the Alert image2020-5-22_9-56-59.png icon. The Alert dialog displays.
  3. In the Condition area, enter the condition that you want to send the alert on.
  4. In the Where to sent it area, enter the email address to send the alert to. The email can only be sent to users in your company.
  5. In the Frequency area, enter the frequency that you want alerts to be sent out when this condition is met.
  6. Click the Save Alert button. An email will now be sent whenever this condition is met.   


For more details on alerts and advanced configuration instructions, refer to Looker Documentation - Sending Conditional Alert Notifications.