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Scenario with a Neighborhood Example

In this example:

  • After the Scenario was created in the Live VBS, the Neighborhood South was deleted.
  • In the Scenario, a team was added to the Neighborhood South.

1. Live VBS data when the Scenario was created

In the Live VBS:

  • Level 14 contains Neighborhood North and a Neighborhood South.


2. After the Scenario was created

In the Live VBS data:

  • Neighborhood South is deleted.


3. Scenario - Phase 1

In the Scenario:

  • In the Neighborhood South the Landlord team has been added.
  • None of the Neighborhood South’s attributes have changed.


This means it only counts as a team change (the team is moving into the neighborhood).


4. Result in the Live VBS

In the Live VBS:

  • Neighborhood South has been reactivated, the blocking remains gone and the team has been moved into the neighborhood.