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Version 2.42 - August 2016 Release Notes

New Features and Changes

Heat-Map Reporting

Serraview Heat-Maps have been introduced with the 2.42 release to provide a graphical representation of portfolio utilization data for users of SV Live. They provide a visual display of the most to least used areas on a floor.


Utilization Heat-Maps simplify the process of analyzing the data required for decision making around:

  • planning for new spaces
  • ending leases
  • accommodating growth or consolidation
  • managing requests for more space from business units or teams

General Release Notes


Fix – Email Addresses are now being retained in the Login Page where the "remember me" checkbox is selected


Enhancement - You can now add people who don't have a location to BOS

Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented sorting for a number of BOS table columns

Fix - Resolved an issue where "Read Only" permission couldn't be applied for public BOS projects

Fix - Resolved an issue where adding the same 'From' and 'To' location would lock the BOS grid


Enhancement - Users can now search for Scenario and BOS Projects in Configuration>Move Projects

Custom Fields

Enhancement - Ordering by Parent column in the Keywords table now sorts alphabetically by Parent and then by Keyword

Fix - Resolved an issue where custom fields couldn't be deleted


Fix -  Resolved an issue when users tried to run report 292 from Dashboards

Data Imports

Fix - Resolved an Occupancy Import issue where invalid employee numbers included in the import caused the related workpoint to be cleared of existing occupants, instead of being ignored

Fix - Resolved an Occupancy Import issue where the result message failed to advise when occupants were cleared from workpoints


Fix - Resolved an issue causing users to receive emails from


Fix -  Resolved an issue which prevented results from displaying when the Space Attributes filter in Locator was applied

Report Builder

Fix - Resolved an issue with pivoting by date, impacting report 223 and utilization by day reports

Fix - Resolved an issue where checkbox parameters could not be successfully added to a report

Fix - Changed the spelling of the header in report 49 – from Hierarchy to Hierarchy

Report Changes

Fix -  Implemented a more consistent treatment of stats between VBS and some reports. See the table below for more detail of changes made.

Stat Being Changed




Zone Summary = sum of people on teams / team's workpoints
Building Summary = sum of people on teams / sum of zone's workpoints

Zone Summary = (Sum of people on teams + sum of retained desks that count to occupied) / sum of teams workpoints
Building Summary = Sum of Zone Summaries


Would not include Retention Statuses that count to occupied

Includes Retention Statuses set to occupied within occupancy statistics.

Unallocated workpoints (not stacked workpoints)

Would show negative values

No longer displays negative values

Unoccupied workpoints

Would show negative values

No longer displays negative values

Fix - Resolved a footer issue causing report 36 to fail when run from the Reports module

Fix - Resolved an issue where running report 22 on the same data from two different sources - Workplace and Portfolio Manager – produced conflicting results

Fix - Resolved an issue where the unoccupied count in report 22 varied from VBS

Fix - Resolved an issue where report 52 failed when 'include closed requests' was enabled

Fix - Resolved an issue where report 43 failed to run successfully

Fix - Resolved an issue where report 46 was not counting Retention Status in the unoccupied statistic

Fix - Resolved an issue where report 55 failed to run successfully

Scenario Planner

Fix - Resolved an issue where Scenario Planner was generating people counts for hoods from live data instead of the Scenario Project

Fix - Resolved an issue where scratchpad was not functioning in VBS and Scenario Projects

Fix - Resolved an issue where Hood conflicts were failing to resolve correctly

Fix - Occupied and Unoccupied workpoints no longer display in Scenario Planner, since they have no relevance

Fix-  The Unknown Occupancy Painter tool no longer displays in Scenario Planner, since it has no relevance

Service Requests

Fix - Resolved an issue where the Last Sent Email date displaying in the Service Requests module was inaccurate


Fix - Resolved an issue where selecting a "Custom Field" Colour-By rule before opening up a building, triggered every building to be incorrectly marked as being unblocked

Fix - Resolved an issue triggered by changing the occupancy configuration for a desk to single or multiple occupant

Fix - Resolved an issue when changing a Retention Status on a desk

Fix - Resolved an issue causing data in the right panes to be obscured from view

Fix - Resolved an issue where 'Unknown Person' was automatically added whenever a change to the occupancy configuration drop down was made and a workpoint was changed from flexi to fixed

Fix - Resolved an issue where the VBS Forecast panel failed to show data correctly.