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Scenario with a Fixed Team Example

In this example:

  • After the Scenario was created in the Live VBS, a team move was actioned and workpoints allocated.
  • In the Scenario, there was a Team Move actioned that involved the same workpoints.

1. Live VBS data when the Scenario was created

In the Live VBS:

  • Level 4 contains 5 teams.


2. After the Scenario was created

In the Live VBS:

  • The Human Resources team (in pink) has taken 4 workpoints.


3. Scenario - Phase 1

In the Scenario:

  1. You need to Synchronize the Phase as the existing team (Human Resources) in the Live VBS was changed but the change does not impact a Team Move in the Scenario. For more information, refer to Situation 3 Synchronize Phase from the Live VBS.
  2. Now in the Scenario action the team move for the Growth Management team (in blue) to take 6 workpoints and 2 workpoints were allocated to the Human Resources team.


As these workpoints are overriding the Human Resources team in the Live VBS this will count as 2 moves in the Scenario Move Plan Summary screen.


4. Results in the Live VBS

The Scenario has implemented the Growth Management team (in blue) with the blocking. Also, the Scenario thinks the Human Resources team (in pink) needs to be implemented, it is unblocked from its new workpoints and displays the Unblocked-Workpoints Warning.