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#9 - Additional Engage Configuration

The following areas detail the additional configuration:

Employees to Regularly Login

If you want your employees to regularly log in to Engage (after 2 hours of activity) using a passcode or bio-metrics, then you can enable simplified authentication. 

For more details, refer to Enforce Simplified Authentication.

Employee Privacy

Opt-out an Employee

If you have an employee that requires not to be found in Engage, your System Administrator can opt-out the employee from Engage's search.

For more details, refer to Opt-out an Employee from Engage's Search.

Disable Employee's Contact Information

If your business needs to hide contact information from a Person card, then your System Administrator can set this up. This will hide the contact information from all Person cards.

For more details, refer to Disable a Person's Contact Information.

Floorplan Style

We recommend you use the default floorplan style as Architectural Floorplans, if you want to use the Stylized Floorplans then you will need to make sure your polylines are around all your spaces and the classification of the space types is accurate. 

For more details, refer to Set up to use the Architectural Floorplans or Stylized Floorplans.


Space Type and Equipment Filters

Your employees will be able to filter for desks, such as, if they want a desk that has dual monitor and is a sit stand desk. Also, employees will be able to filter for spaces, such as if they want a meeting room that has a conference phone.

The filter options display in the Reservations Assist under the headings:

  • Type - this displays the space types that are set to interactable.
  • Equipment - this displays the space's attributes.

For information on how to set up the filters, see Configure Assets for Desks and Spaces. If you want to hide an attribute from the Equipment filter list, your System Administrator can hide the attribute and this will make sure employees can find spaces with the equipment they need.

First Responders Filters

If you don't use the First Responders as a menu item, you can still set up the Person of Interest filters for Engage so your employees can search for First Aid Officer, Fire Warden, etc. For more details, see Set up the Concierge Menu item to launch the First Responders.


Acknowledgment Message

If you need to display a message such as Terms and Conditions in the Engage app, you can set this up to display either daily or when the message is changed. 

For more details, see Set up Acknowledgement Message.

Concierge Menu

You will need 3 items in the Concierge Menu for this to work, for example:

Concierge Menu in a different Language

Engage supports the following languages:

  • English UK
  • English US
  • French Canadian

The languages will be based on your device or browser's language setting. Also, the language must be enabled per instance, learn about Multilingual Support.

You can set up the Concierge Menu to be in French Canadian, see set up the Concierge Menu for Multilingual.

Concierge Menu Image Gallery

When you have decided what to include in the Concierge Menu, then your System Administrator can either source the images for the menu items or use the images in the Concierge Menu Images Gallery. The setup is completed in Serraview's Configuration module, see Set up the Concierge Menu for 3 or more menu items.

Regional Concierge Menu

Engage can display a localized concierge menu for your organization’s different countries, cities, or buildings. Your System Administrator can set up the regional menu, see Configure the Regional Concierge Menu.


When you want to only allow a floor to be used for Wayfinding, your System Administrator can complete the setup. This will hide the NOW control from the screen, so your employees can not search for future reservation dates. Also, if you want to find a space, the Reservations Assist will have the reservations controls for the date selection hidden. Your employees can still use the filter for Capacity, Space Types, or Equipment.

For more details, see Set up Engage for Wayfinding.


When your business has parking spaces that your employees can use, your System Administrator can set up Engage so they can reserve these spaces. All you need is a simple drawing that includes the basic boxes that represent the parking layout, then set up the space type so your employees can interact with it, and finally set up the Engage Booking Access for the parking spaces.

For more details, see Set up Parking.

COVID Compliance

When your buildings have different COVID Compliance requirements, then this can be configured. 

For more details, see Configure COVID Compliance.

Book Safe Distance for a Building

You can turn on Engage's Book Safe which will automatically take care of social distancing for you. Whenever an employee books a desk, Engage will automatically disable any desks within your configurable social distancing threshold (e.g. 1.5 meters) from being booked by someone else. If you have different Book Safe requirements for your buildings, your System Administrator can set this up.

For more details, see Set up Book Safe and Distance.

Set Daily Limits for a Building

Building capacity limits can be set:

  • Limit the Total Reservations with a BuildingThis is used to limit the total number of reservations for a building. For example, if your COVID-19 restrictions only allow your building to have 50% capacity, then you can set the total number of reservations for the building, so a building that has 250 employees can only have 125 employees able to make reservations.
  • Limit the number of Reservations made within a Building per 15 minutes - This is used to limit the number of users making a desk booking at the same time. Engage can assist your employees with social distancing, by preventing large volumes of staff from arriving at a similar time to use common access areas such as lifts.

For more details, see Set Daily Limits for a Building.

Health Declarations

You can set up a Health Acknowledge message as part of your desk check-in process. Your employees cannot check-in to the desk unless they agree with the custom acknowledge message first. 

For more details, see Set up a Health Declaration Message.

If you have different Health Declaration requirements for your buildings, your System Administrator can set this up.


The photography is optional and if you do have photos of them, the employee's initials display and for a space the default icon displays.

Employee Photos

Before you configure, you will need:

  • Images are in a square aspect ratio, with a resolution of at least 300px x 300px.
  • Images are linked via a URL to each employee's photo.

Space Photos

Before you configure, you will need:

  • Images of each meeting room.
  • Images are either a link URL to the image or the image is uploaded. If you want to use the link to the URL, then the images must be uploaded first to the referenced URL.

For more details, see Add Photography for Employees and Spaces.

Only using Engage Mobile or Engage Web

If your business will only use Mobile or Web, then your System Administrator can disable the other application.

For more details, see Disable an Engage Application.