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Workplace Administration


Workplace Administration enables centralized management of your Workplace Administrators and Workplace Managers. You can use Workplace Administration to:

  • Assign Workplace Administrators or Workplace Managers to teams or locations as required.
  • Send invitations to Workplace Administrators or Workplace Managers to grant them access.
  • Send notifications or reminders to Workplace Administrators or Workplace Managers when validation is required.
  • Check on the status of team validation.

Workplace Administrators

Are typically assigned at a team level within the org unit hierarchy, in alignment with the Block and Stack (VBS). It is their responsibility to update occupancy for their team(s) only. Workplace Administrators have the best day-to-day working knowledge of their team's space and the people joining and exiting the team.

Workplace Managers

Are usually high-level managers of a business unit (or org unit hierarchy), or coordinators of a geographical location. While typically not responsible for validating specific teams, they may assist with:

  • Overseeing or being a backup for a group of Workplace Administrators at a specific location or for a particular org unit level.
  • Assign or adjust the access of Workplace Administrators.

If you assign Workplace Administrators or Workplace Managers at a location level, you cannot make exceptions to the rule e.g. you cannot assign a Workplace Administrator to the third floor, excluding the Human Resources team that sit in that location.

Neighborhood Administrators

Neighborhood Administrators can only be managed from the Block & Stack (VBS) for more details, see Neighborhood Details Form.

Access to this module is managed using secured actions and roles, see Security in Workplace Administration.

Learning Paths

  • Workplace Administration Prerequisites - Use this to learn about the prerequisites such as setting up Access Profile Types, updating Email Templates, and training your Workplace Administrators.