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Configure Third-party Tenant Org Unit

Serraview supports allocating spaces to third-party tenants. You can create an org unit within your org unit hierarchy and mark them as a third-party tenant.

Step 1. Create third-party org unit

You can create a new org unit for the third-party tenant. For more details on Org Units, refer to Add, edit, or delete Org Units.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Org Units.
  2. Tick the selection icon for the Parent Org Unit.
  3. Click the + Add button. The Add Org Unit form displays.
  4. In the Name field, enter the name of the org unit.
  5. In the Short Name field, enter the short name of the org unit.
  6. In the Business Key field, enter the business key.
  7. Tick Keep even though not present in Import File check box. This is very important as it will stop this org unit from being removed when an automated Org Unit Import is run.
  8. Tick the 3rd Party Tenant check box.
  9. Click the Create Org Unit button.

Step 2. Allocate space in the Visual Block and Stack

  1. Navigate to the VBS.
  2. Use this org unit to allocate space.