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Mac OS X Installation for LDM

LDM is installed via a PKG on Mac OS X. An instance of the application is started automatically when a user logs in and closes when the user logs out. If multiple users are logged into the Mac, each user will have a separate instance of LDM running.

Delivered files

The following files are provided for Mac OS X installation:

  • SerraviewLive-MacOS-x86_64-v.v.v.pkg (where v.v.v is the version)


To install LDM you will need to know:

  • The address of the MLS server, including the port. This will be referred to as \[mls-url\] in the remainder of this section. It consists of the server and the port, but not the protocol. For example:
  • Whether the MLS server accepts data through HTTP or HTTPS.

Install or upgrade LDM with install script

This approach is designed to be rolled out via computer management software that can run a script on all Mac computers. The same script will work for both fresh installations of LDM and upgrading existing versions of LDM. The following command will be executed:

sudo bash ./ PKGFILE=\[pkg-filename\] MLS=\[mls-url\] USEHTTPS=\[use-https\]


  • [pkg-filename] – the full name of the pkg file.

  • [mls-url] – The address of MLS server, including port, but not including the protocol.

  • [use-https] – Either 0 if communication with MLS is through http or 1 if using HTTPS.

This script will install, configure and launch LDM.

Installer HTTP example

Example parameter values for HTTP installation:

  • [pkg-filename] = SerraviewLive-MacOS-x86_64-3.7.pkg

  • [mls-url] =
  • HTTPS is not enabled
sudo ./ PKGFILE=SerraviewLive-MacOS-x86_64-3.7.pkg USEHTTPS=0

Installer HTTPS example

Example parameter values for HTTPS installation:

  • [pkg-filename] = SerraviewLive-MacOS-x86_64-3.7.pkg

  • [mls-url] =
  • HTTPS is enabled
sudo ./ PKGFILE=SerraviewLive-MacOS-x86_64-3.7.pkg USEHTTPS=1

Additional configuration steps are required to enable HTTPS use with LDM and MLS, refer to the Optional – SSL Configuration.

Deployment via a package manager

The instructions below are a guideline, contact the Serraview Support team if you require assistance.

If you deploy via a package manager (such as JAMF), LDM can be deployed.

  1. Unpack the pkg file delivered.
  2. Update the LDM configuration with the appropriate settings.
  3. Re-package a new pkg file, signed with your own Apple Developer ID certificate.
  4. Deploy the updated package.

The package as delivered will automatically install and launch LDM, so this deployment can be delivered to all Mac computers in the organization without further intervention.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Unpack the pkg file.
  2. Extract and edit the ldm.ini file.
  3. Add new line mls=[mls-url], where [mls-url] is the address of MLS server, including port, but not including the protocol.

  4. Update use-http and use-https to reflect whether the MLS server accepts requests via HTTP or HTTPS.
  5. For HTTP, set use-http=1 and use-https=0
  6. For HTTPS, set use-http-0 and use-https=1
  7. Update the package with the updated ldm.ini. Ensure that the permissions on the file have not been changed and user has read and write access.

This package can then be deployed to the organization.


The Serraview Implementation team will complete the validation to check LDM has been installed successfully and is sending data.