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Badge-Verified Booking History Dashboard


Verify actual attendance in facilities by combining badge history with booking history to enable managers to:

  • Make policy or booking allowance decisions based on no-show vs booking ratio.
  • Identify drop-ins – in the building but without bookings or reservations.
  • Know which non-check-in bookings indicate absence vs simple failure to check in.
  • Discern who books and checks-in remotely without coming on site.
  • Confirm strength of correlation between Engage usage and actual building use.

Special Data Elements

  • Average Daily Attendance Percentage - Attendees per day divided by Assigned People Count for selected locations

  • Average Daily Capacity Percentage - Attendees per day divided by People Assignment Capacity for selected locations


  • Dashboard assumes use of Engage for bookings and check-ins as well as data from Badge systems are available through Serraview, though the dashboard will load in absence of either.
  • The following tiles cannot be downloaded as a CSV file:

    • Average Utilization %
    • Daily Utilization