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Update your Moving Occupants

Let us guide you through how your BOS Migration Manager will update your BOS Occupants moving to location and details.

Before you start working on the BOS Move Details, you can set the destination. This is useful as it will limit the search results so that you will not get the results for every building when you select a workpoint, see Set the Destination Restrictions.

Now, you are ready to update the To Location column with the workpoint (occupant) person who is moving or the team. This can be complete by:

Known Workpoint Allocation

  1. If you know the occupant's workpoints you can assign then using the grid, see Update the Occupant's To Location.
  2. After you have completed the assignments you can check the allocation on the floorplan, see Check the BOS Occupant's Allocation

Unknown Workpoint Allocation


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