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Set up a Person to book on behalf of another

Level: System Administrator / Serraview Implementation Team

Your System Administrator can set up a person to book on behalf of another. The person who will complete the bookings on behalf of someone else will need the following secured actions:

Secured Action Description

Reservations - Book on behalf of another person

For the delegated users making the bookings, complete the following:

  1. Update their Serraview user account with the secured action Reservations - Book on behalf of another person. Now the person can make a desk booking in Engage.
  2. Next, they will require desk reservation permission in order to book it, see the Set up Desk Reservation Permissions article.

Reservations - Bypass concurrency limit

If you want to make multiple concurrent bookings then add the secured action Reservations - Bypass concurrency limit to their Serraview user account and the limit concurrent reservations field will not apply. See Limit Concurrent Bookings.

If you need to make reservations for a person who has opted-out of Engage search, then you will need the following secured action:

Secured Action Description

Reservations - See opt out of search users

Only particular users will have this secured action, for example, if you are an Executive Assistant, you need to make reservations for your CEO who has opt-ed out of the Engage search.

For additional secured actions, see Security in Engage and for information on how to add secured actions to a role, see Manage User Roles.