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Configure Workplace to display certain Administrators

Serraview Only Configuration

Team Form in the VBS

The Team form in VBS contains a list of different administrator types who manage various responsibilities within Serraview. The administrator types can include Workplace Administrator, Storage Administrator, BOS Coordinator, and Technology Coordinator. You can set up different administrator types, in the Person Location Relationship Types keyword, refer to Configure Administrator Type List and this will be reflected in the Team form, refer to Team Details Form.

Team Details in Workplace

Within Workplace, you can limit the Team Administrators list to only display the Workplace Administrators and Workplace Managers.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > General.
  2. Select Workplace.
  3. From the Administrators Displayed list, select administrator type(s) to display in Workplace, for example Workplace Administrator and Workplace Manager Note: To select multiple administrators. Hold the Ctrl key + click the different administrators to select multiple administrators. You can also, hold the Shift key and click the first administrator and then click the last administrator which will select all administrators between those two points.
  4. Click the Update button.