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Phased Approach


Within the Phased approach there are two possible solutions. If shift work is not possible, you may want to consider a phased approach, where you gradually bring in groups according to a phase nominated by the business. The nominated phase may be based on business criticality level where the most critical teams re-enter the building first. Alternatively the phase may be based on time. For example each month a new group is moved into the space.

  • Phased - Simple approach uses information gathered at a Team level only, using the business criticality priority level of the team to determine how all team members will be moved back into the office.
  • Phased - Complex approach uses information gathered at an individual level, using a BOS move plan completed by the team Manager or micro-survey provided to employees. Data collected from these tools informs any requirement to split teams according to a nominated phase, which helps when using scenario planning tools. 


The benefits of the Phased Approach are:

  • More controlled move back based on business criticality.
  • Using limited floors in a building means less demand on cleaning and utility costs.

Phased Approach Types

  • Phased Approach - Simple A phased approach can be one of the following types, pending whether you would like to use this approach by collecting data at a Team level only, or want to gather more detailed information at an individual level. Refer to:
  • Phased Approach - Complex