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Set Stack by Percentage

The rightsizing by percentage lets you set your own resize percent value.

To set the stack to percentage complete the following:

  1. From the stack select one team or multiple teams, or change the Group By to an Org Unit Level. See Select multiple Teams in Scenario VBS.v
  2. In the right-hand side toolbar, click the Rightsizing Teams clipboard_e94da14aa32ef0cb00769cf879ef8d4a7.png icon. The Right Size Teams form displays.
  3. In the by % field, enter in the percentage to increase or decrease the team's size.

Use the spin box to enter a negative number. For example:


The numbers for the Moving To Workpoint have increased by the percentage. Serraview will proportionately apply across the selected teams starting with the largest teams first. Smaller teams, e.g. stacks of 1 and 2, may not get apportioned due to the system re-stacking the largest team first, followed by the next largest team, and so on. This is based on the principle that it does not make sense to have a 10% increase or decrease for a team stack of only 1 workpoint. The minimum percentage that can be applied is 100%, with an output of 1 workpoint.

4. Click the Update Stack button.



After Right-Sizing by Percentage