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223 Badge Swipe Building Utilization Report


Utilization Source: Badge Swipe data

Displays every person who was seen on Badge Swipe Data entering the chosen building(s) during the selected date range. This includes total days the person was seen during the date range and includes a grid that indicates which dates each person was present.
The person-level attendance details in this report can help facilitate a detailed space management approach for individual teams. For example, team target ratios could be adjusted to better represent their attendance in the building.

Key Data

  • Chart – for each day in the chosen date range, how many Residents (known employees), Visitors (known non-staff like cleaners) or Unknowns (access cards that could not be identified) were seen entering the building on that date.


  • Table – each known person, their assigned team and home building, and how many times they entered the building during the date range.



The badge rows will show total badge swipes, for example the same person swiping multiple times a day, rather than the number of unique people.