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Assign an Access Profile to a Workplace Manager

If you have a new employee (or an existing employee) in the business you can create an Access Profile for them. For example, the person can be set up as a Workplace Manager for a geographical location or an org unit.

After they are created as a Workplace Manager they will be automatically be emailed an invitation to use Workplace, also the required security role will be applied to their Serraview user account.

  1. Navigate to Validation > Workplace Administration.
  2. Click the Access Profiles image2020-3-10_14-1-41.png icon.
  3. Click the Add icon. The Workplace Access Profile dialog displays.


4. In the People field, enter the name of the person and you can add multiple names. For example Jacob Paterson.

5. Assign the person to either a location or org unit. 

Complete either:

  • from the Location field, enter and select the location.
  • from the Org Unit drop down list, select the org unit.

6. Select the profile. For example Workplace Manager.

7. Form the Security Role drop-down, select the Workplace Manager.

8. Click the Add button.

This will give the person the required secured action and then send out an invitation email.

If you want to check the assignment, then search for the location or the Workplace Manager's name, the grid will display the results. In this example, Allan Holland is assigned as the Workplace Manager to the location Victoria, AU - Bendigo - Edward.


If you want to synchronize the changes to your Access Profiles now instead of waiting overnight for the changes to be synchronized, then click the Synchronize Admins button.