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Workplace Management

Serraview Workplace Management

Serraview is an industry-leading software solution for companies, who, want to improve their workplace productivity and gain full insights into space utilization, improve employee engagement, and take advantage of cost-saving opportunities. Our sophisticated set of tools and dashboards are designed to optimize space, unlock data, and improve workflow for large organizations worldwide.

Serraview facilitates the full workplace management life-cycle:

  1. Measuring existing capacity and workplace utilization.
  2. Scenario planning and forecasting for the future.
  3. Delivery of workplace requests, churn, and major moves/relocations.
  4. Facilitation of workplace engagement across the business.

Our functional areas broadly fall within:

  1. Space Planning: Floorplan repository, workplace portal, visual block and stack, scenario planning.
  2. Relocations: Service requests, BOS churn sheet management, storage, locker, car park management.
  3. Smart Workplace : Real-time utilization tracking, badge swipe (speedgate) plug-in and kiosk solutions.


Our product is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Serraview provides the technology setup, upgrades, backups, help-desk, training, and ongoing customer support.

For more information on the technology, refer to Explore the Serraview Technology Platform.

Workplace Experience

Enable the Smart Workplace

By providing access to near real-time utilization data, this enables the business to achieve the highest level of portfolio optimization. The Utilization Technologies are built on an intelligent framework that consolidates utilization from different sources that serve the following purposes:


Workplace Monitoring

Serraview's reporting capability is a key feature that attracts organizations to our space management system. Serraview Reporting includes a suite of default reports, customizations, and a dynamic dashboard that shows the entire portfolio in one space. Serraview provides real value to all Corporate Real Estate teams by replacing the need to create and generate spreadsheets and charts to present their knowledge and vision to the wider business. 

Accommodation and General Reports

Reporting module displays a list of standard reports and includes any customized reports that your business may have requested. See Custom ReportsAccommodation Reports ListGeneral Reports List, and Snapshots.



Serraview utilization reporting enables your Corporate Real Estate team to assess the way their business uses space, support strategic decisions for leasing, adjust team allocations and team ratios and review fit-out requirements.

The methods of collecting utilization data in Serraview are: 

  • use the Badge Swipe to collect badge swipe data as people enter and leave the building.
  • use SVLive technology (Wired data or Wi-Fi data) or Sensor data to collect information as people use a workpoint or space.

The utilization reports you will be able to see the breadth of information available to you and they are in the Reporting Dashboards and for more details, refer to:


Serraview Insights analyzes your portfolio and uses industry best practices, metrics, and benchmarks to help optimize your workplaces.
Gain the power to address challenges and execute intelligent solutions via configurable dashboards and intuitive visualizations. Refer to Insights Dashboards.


Portfolio Dashboards

Portfolio Dashboards displays building information for locations that are set to show in the VBS. It enables Space Planners, Relationship Managers and Department Heads to visualize their space usage, review utilization efficiency and justify requirements for more space based on Occupancy and Team Allocation. Users can browse their portfolio data, identify over or under capacity teams and view team's space allocation to find additional space. See Portfolio Dashboards.