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About the Welcome Cover Image for Engage

We have used the images below to explain what you need to consider for the image composition and aspect ratio for the Welcome Cover Image that is displayed in Engage.

The information in this article uses examples of how the image will display and this will depend on the mobile/tablet device and desktop/laptop screen. Also, remember the image resolution will depend on the device or screen (resolution is the quality of the image and higher resolutions mean that there more pixels per inch results in a high-quality and crisp image).

Original Image

This is the original image that was uploaded to the Engage Configuration within the Serraview product and this PNG image size is width 375px x height 812px and file size 348KB.


What to Consider when Choosing a Welcome Cover Image


We considered the composition of the image because the Welcome Message content and the Get Started button will sit on top of the image. So, we considered an image where the person in the image was in an area where they not be covered by the Welcome Message and there was enough of the kitchen from ceiling to stools so that there was enough image for the Get Started buttons to display on a mobile device.

Aspect Ratio

Remember that the aspect ratio of an image will be used to display the image. (Aspect ratio of its width to its height, and is expressed with two numbers separated by a colon, such as 16:9). We have used an of a certain size however you can use an image size (width x height) that is larger, however, we recommend that the file size is less than 500 KB.

Below are examples of the aspect ratio on a mobile device, tablet device, and laptop screen.

image2022-3-25_8-26-12.png image2022-3-25_8-27-53.pngimage2022-3-25_8-17-29.png 

Welcome Cover Screen Examples

Let's put it all together and see what the composition and aspect ratios look like ....

Mobile Device Example


Tablet Device Example


Laptop Screen Example


Desktop Monitor Example