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Enable the Heat Map View (Web)

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The Heap Map view is useful to find out where activity is happening on a floor, then if you need to find an quiet area to work in you can avoid the busy areas. Or if you want to be around people the heat map will quickly show you the density of the the activity.

Follow the Steps

From the Home screen, click on the Notifications clipboard_eed40857f39ece751af7bd54193262f4a.png icon.

The Notifications screen displays.


Click the Settings button. The Settings screen displays.

Click the Enable views toggle to turn it on. This setting will save automatically.


Click on the floorplan to close the notifications.


Click the Views clipboard_e406559ea65462b5fe4875006bdd3b324.png icon.


From the Views panel, click the Heatmap clipboard_ee5aa670d8277905909f19708efd6916b.png icon.

This displays the heatmap for the floor.


To switch back to the floorplan, click the Views clipboard_e406559ea65462b5fe4875006bdd3b324.png icon and then click the Floorplan clipboard_e42d2c4d9b0889ff78df75a175aad1778.png icon.